Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the cloud are supporting businesses’ growth and customer experiences

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Whether it’s building the next breakthrough product, creating a personalized customer experience, or redefining business processes, Microsoft can help support businesses’ digital transformation! In fact, organizations such asStarbucks, InMobi, Bayer and Telefonica, among others, are leveraging cloud and artificial intelligence to support growth and deliver great employee and customer experiences.

Businesses across a number of industries and solution areas are leveraging Microsoft services. Here are three of the latest ones:

Walmart. Microsoft is Walmart’s preferred cloud provider and strategic partner to accelerate its digital transformation in retail. Through a five-year agreement, Walmart has selected the full range of Microsoft cloud solutions, including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, for enterprise-wide use to help standardize across the company’s family of brands. Using a broad base of cloud, AI and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, the company plans to further its mission in creating incredibly convenient ways for customers to shop, as well as empower associates to do their best work.

Campbell Soup Company. The much-loved soup and snack company announced plans to drive IT transformation with the help a global hybrid cloud solution. Campbell chose Microsoft Azure to increase the flexibility, agility and resiliency of its always-on IT, provide employees with real-time access to customized information and insights, and optimize its complex supply chain.

Walt Disney World Resort. Technology and conservation teams partnered with Microsoft to help develop the “tiniest smart homes” for the songbirds called purple martins. Purple martins are a unique species of birds that travel between South and North America each year to raise a family, but unfortunately their population is in decline. By outfitting birdhouses at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, scientists are able to learn more about the species using Azure IoT Edge with computer vision and building models to recognize important events, also inspiring a new generation of conservationists in the parks. Simultaneously, they are creating new experiences for guests such as the new augmented reality game, where guests can learn about what it takes to be a great purple martin parent through a tablet.

Regardless of the size of your company, Microsoft products and services are here to help you and your company thrive.

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