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For Latinos “El saber es fuerza”, or “Learning is the eye of the mind”. That’s why education is an important topic for the Latino community. In fact, 83% cited education as very important to their vote in the 2016 election. Microsoft has impacted millions of students around the world by providing kids with digital access and making sure educators are empowered with effective technology. This week, we have shown our commitment once more by announcing Minecraft: Education Edition’s Update Aquatic and a partnership with BBC Learning on new, cost-effective STEM lesson plans.

Either if you’re a teacher, educator, parent or student, there has never been a better moment to be in this field! See all updates, new features, new tools, services and game changers in education.

 Learning Tools:  13,000,000 people round the globe regularly use Learning Tools to help them achieve more in school and at home. As part of Learning Tools, Immersive Reader implements proven techniques to improve reading for learners regardless of their age or ability

Microsoft Teams celebrates its first-year anniversary with the following updates:

  • Rubrics Grading:Utilize rubric grading and skills-based grading of your assignments making it easier to deliver feedback to your students.
  • Join Codes: This makes it easy for many people to join your team all at once by creating a simple code for members to join your Class, PLC, or Staff team.
  • Reusing a team as a template:Teachers can reuse an existing team as a template when creating a new team, then customize what they want to copy over: channels, team setting, apps, and even users.
  • Mute all students: There’s a time for conversation, and there’s a time for focus. You can now pause students from posting in the conversation tab.
  • Page locking in OneNote assignments – For teachers creating OneNote assignments, the pages of the student will now automatically “lock” as read only when the due

    date/time passes.

OneNote and its Math Assistant Understanding the steps of a complex math problem is key to finding a solution. Math Assistant in OneNote Online helps this process by showing solution steps, as well as

providing a graph for easier visualization.

OneNote Class Notebooks helps teachers capture and organize class content, create and deliver interactive lessons, provide feedback, and collaborate.

  • Page Locking:Page locking allows teachers to prevent unwanted editing by students. Teachers can lock pages as read-only after giving feedback to the student.
  • Teacher Transfer:It allows school IT professional to help transfer Class Notebooks from one teacher to another or to different schools when teachers change positions, saving valuable time and information.

Microsoft Forms helps teachers quickly create polls, quizzes, and assessments, and see results as they come in.

  • Math Quiz:With additional tools to create math questions and worksheets, teachers can broaden the type of questions they ask in Forms to better assess Math skills.

Microsoft MakeCode brings computer science to life for all students with fun projects, immediate results, and both block and text editors for learners at different levels. MakeCode for LEGO MINDSTORMS provides a very easy on-ramp into robotics with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 by providing students with both a block-based, and text-based coding environment.

Additionally, Microsoft Store locations in the U.S. are offering free Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) workshops. Click here for more news in education


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