Don’t know what to do with your kids this summer? We have 3 tips for you.

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With summer season officially kicking off in just a little over a couple of weeks (June 21, 2018), children will officially be out of school by then and you may be asking yourself – what do I do with my kids this summer?

Summer is the perfect time to spark kids’ interest in activities they may not be exposed to during the traditional school year. Technology can help them learn new skills while being entertained. Motivate your kids to imagine, create, enjoy and explore new possibilities with these three free tech ideas from Microsoft.

Join Microsoft’s workshops

Microsoft Stores can be your helper! You can enjoy a cafecito at a mall while your kids will engage in fun, creative workshops. For example:

  • STEM Saturdays: Kids and parents are welcome to drop by their local Microsoft Store to participate in STEM learning experiences such as coding, computing science, Mixed Reality and more. Projects are designed for 11- to 14-year-old students but can easily be completed by younger students with parental support.
  • YouthSpark Summer Camps: Kids can sign up to the YouthSpark digital summer camps to learn about the latest technology from Microsoft while making new friends, completing creative projects, and gaining new skills that prepare them for the future.

Build your own STEM project at home

The jobs of the future, no matter the industry or level, are no doubt going to involve at least a basic knowledge of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics.) Ignite your kids’ passion for technology by creating tech-related projects with them this summer.

  • The Microsoft’s Hacking STEM Library allows you to find free downloadable, hands-on, teacher-tested activities that use everyday materials to make STEM affordable, accessible, and fun for everyone. Build a flashlight, a wave machine, a solar house, a homopolar motor and much more in less than an hour with some of the bite-sized available projects.

All lessons plans are in Spanish as well.

  • Whether your kids are new to computing or have some experience, the Digital Literacy curriculum available online will help you develop a fundamental understanding of computers. The courses help your kids learn the essential skills to begin computing with confidence, stay safe online, and consider careers where they can put their skills to work.

Play an educational videogame

Videogames are not only for entertainment, they can be a good tool for learning as well! If you’re not playing Minecraft, for example, you’re missing out. This Xbox videogame ignites the imagination and creative thinking by playing with 3D objects such as dirt, stones, tree trunks, water, lava and more. Kids place blocks and go on adventures where they can build anything they can imagine with unlimited resources.

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