A 22-year veteran of the digital community space – Lourdes Orive

 |   Equipo Microsoft Latinx

As a Senior Director for HoloLens and Windows NEXT Commercial Programs, Lourdes Orive is responsible for defining, creating and managing deeply immersive co-development programs for key first-part Mixed Reality software applications. MR helps businesses and employees complete crucial tasks faster, safer, more efficiently, and create new ways to connect to customers and partners.

Mixed reality is already having a meaningful and measurable impact on businesses and societies across the globe. The work that Lourdes and her team do is enabling solutions through mixed reality that until now, have never been possible. A growing number of industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, design, education and more are testing and adopting mixed reality solutions.

Lourdes has been routinely recognized and regarded as a well-qualified, dedicated, innovative, and results-driven professional with more than 20 years of comprehensive experience in the digital community space.

She is passionate about connecting people through technology, and this extends to developing and leading powerful, productive teams, with a specific focus around developing and coaching new leaders.

When not working, you’ll find Lourdes at home in downtown Seattle, taking in a show at Benaroya Hall (she’s a lover of early music fan and an aspiring gambist!) or enjoying life with her beloved 6-year-old English Bulldog, Henry.

On Tuesday, April 17, this successful Latina will join Cathy Hackl in her CMO Case Study to talk about MR and its infinite possibilities in experiences and scenarios such as design, 3D in office 365, modern workplace solutions, and so much more.

Hackl and Orive are two of the most respected Latinas in the MR industry! Don’t miss out their session “Mixed Reality: The Future of Content Has Arrived!” during Hispanicize 2018 this Tuesday April 17.

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