Three girls laughing

Teaming up on a hack to help girls

It’s human nature: we respond to stories, not generalizations. Devika Mittal, a corporate strategy manager at Microsoft who grew up in…

Rendering of Microsoft’s planned campus renovation featuring new buildings and common outdoor spaces

The workspace of the future

A community plaza where employees can gather, learn, and play. Car-free zones and a cross-campus bridge just for pedestrians and bicyclists….

Members of the team

New hire or new bot?

It was your average “nice to meet you moment” between two employees. Torey Allen met Rani Sobeck over email early last spring….

US flag and coins that say 'We still serve' and the Microsoft logo

Life after the uniform

It was one of those moments when life seems to both speed up and slow down almost to a standstill. Solaire Sanderson, suited up in heavy…

Meow you doing?

It’s happened to Karen Easterbrook a few times already, and it’s bound to sneak up on her again. She’s in a work meeting…