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Women: Computer Science is a Superpower

Ever wonder how to land that dream job…the one that will really fulfill you and make a difference in the world? Or wonder what it takes to get there? When your heart wants to leap, but your brain doubts or fear strikes, it can be helpful to meet successful female role models. Women who didn’t let doubts, fears, naysayers and even failure stop them.

Brianne Burrowes, founder and editor of I Want Her Job, wants to introduce you to these women. After spending a week on Microsoft’s main campus to get an underground look at the people behind the products, she’s sharing advice and “how to get here” tactics from smart, ambitious, beautiful women across the company who defy the geek girl stereotype. These women are approachable, kind and helpful, and they’re sharing their career stories with you through I Want Her Job’s “Women at Microsoft Week.”

In the series you will meet four accomplished women at Microsoft, including:

We hope you will read these stories and see that these women’s success is attainable. We want and need more women in technology. It’s that simple.

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