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Tips for the Assessment Centre

Finding an exciting diverse opportunity is not the easiest of tasks, especially for new graduates, but thanks to the MACH programme at Microsoft, I have found one of them. Taking part in an Assessment Centre was a crucial part of my journey to Microsoft and was an excellent way to show my skills, potential and passion for Microsoft.

How do you get selected for the Assessment Centre?

I submitted my CV and cover letter to Microsoft and secured a telephone interview to assess my potential. The call lasted an hour and I was asked several questions about my interests, knowledge of the industry, Microsoft and my future plans.

My top tip, research, research, research! It is vital for this stage!

What was the Assessment Centre like?

I arrived at the Microsoft office in the morning along with other candidates who were invited. We were met by Human Resources, and after having a coffee together, we commenced our Assessment Centre experience with managers from the business. The day consisted of a presentation, interviews, role play, group exercises and of course meeting other graduates who had joined Microsoft. It was really dynamic and went very quickly!

What did I find challenging?

Not knowing exactly what is going to happen during the assessment centre is the biggest challenge, however there are many sources where you can find advice to help you prepare.

My top tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask the recruiter who invited you for useful tips
  • The internet has endless sources – this blog for example
  • Ask your university alumni’s graduates already working for the company for some insight

What I most enjoyed about the Assessment Centre?

What I really liked was the friendly and open-minded environment, the opportunity to meet Microsoft employees, to ask questions and to fully utilize the opportunity. What I learned about Microsoft is that even in such a big company all voices and opinions are important and that diversity helps to overcome even the biggest challenges.

My recommendations:

  • Sleep well before the AC! It is going to be a long and demanding day
  • Plan your journey in advance, as morning traffic can be unpredictable and being late is not an option when making a good first impression
  • Do your homework and read about the company, industry, trends, position, etc.
  • Check again what you put on your CV and in the cover letter – it will be handy throughout the AC (have a printed copy with you)
  • Ask questions  and  include other candidates since they are your ‘colleagues’ for that one day
  • Just be yourself and show your passion
  • Finally, enjoy the AC!     

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