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The MBA Career Search

We’re nearing the end of a beautiful summer in the Pacific Northwest, and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing much of it with our MBA interns. We’ve been wine-tasting and white-water rafting, enjoyed professional soccer games and our own amateur bowling, and had lunch with all of Microsoft’s top executives. As our interns head back for their final year of business school, I look forward to another year of providing assistance with their career search.

To get started, I’m kicking off a three-part series with advice to help you stand out. As you wrap up your summer internship and plan your next year of classes and activities, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a jump start on your full-time job search. Here are five tips to help you prepare for the upcoming season of recruiting:

  1. Update your resume

You’ve spent the summer striving for success, while exploring your new company and city, so this is the perfect time to evaluate your impact in your internship and the new skills you developed. Make sure to add these to your resume, especially if you were new to a particular industry or function, because these experiences will help demonstrate your potential.

  1. Focus your recruiting efforts

As you set out on your full-time career search, you likely won’t cast your net as widely as you did when you sought out an internship. And you shouldn’t. At business school, full-time recruiting moves quickly and happens earlier, so revisit your top career priorities and interests now. Match these with available openings and companies that are hiring on your campus this fall so you can reach out to recruiters like me to express interest and ask questions.

  1. Network to learn

Though we’re committed to helping you succeed in your career search, recruiters are not your only resource. Reconnect with your classmates to hear more about their internships and summer experiences as you identify the companies in which you’re most interested. Ask for additional connections to alumni and partners at that company as you prepare your application.

  1. Practice and prepare

Just like your first year of business school, make sure you’re confident and prepared for upcoming interviews and conversations. Team up with peers, alumni, and your career center advisors to set up mock interviews. Be able to tell your story and how this opportunity fits with your interests and career goals.

  1. Enjoy the rest of business school

You have just a short time left on campus, so make the most of it! Continue to network with and learn from your classmates, choose electives aligned with your ideal career or industry, and savor activities, clubs, and programs available at business school.

Ready to drive the tech industry forward? Learn more about our open roles. I look forward to partnering with you in your job search!