Microsoft has offices located in over 140 countries around the world, some of which are in the most beautiful and vibrant cities. This week we venture to Argentina to find out more about working in the land of tango: Buenos Aires!

I caught up with Rosana Araya, an Information Systems Engineer based in Buenos Aires who has worked for Microsoft for the past four years as a vendor and recently moved into a full-time position. I was curious what makes Microsoft Buenos Aires special and why Rosana stays. She shared with me four qualities that she believes differentiates Microsoft from other companies – and one piece of crucial advice for women.

What qualities do you think Microsoft looks for when hiring employees?

Be proactive: The technology industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, which means we need to always try to discover new ways of doing things – whether that is inventing something new or improving something already in existence. Having the desire to create, innovate or deliver the next big thing is what it is all about.

Show empathy: Technology is meant to enhance people’s lives, and this is something we take very seriously at Microsoft. Whether we are creating the Xbox One console or a software solution for an Argentinian organisation, we have to treat each case individually. We must step into our customers’ shoes and understand their needs, reservations and aspirations

and deliver something they cannot solve without us. This is very empowering.

Collaborate: So much of what we do requires problem solving, whether it be for a consumer, a business or a technological need. No matter what you might try to solve, there is always someone on the team who will want to help you. It is essential that everyone at Microsoft take this collaborative approach to their work.

Demonstrate your knowledge: Many of the skills you will need to utilise in your day-to-day job at Microsoft cannot be learned anywhere other than on the job. So, as well as showing your technical ability, problem solving skills and collaborative nature, you also need to possess the desire to learn new things and challenge yourself because knowledge is power!

What career advice can you offer those who want to work for Microsoft?

Help others advance their ideas and in doing so, you will help yourself. By participating on blogs, social media sites and the like, you not only open up your prospective job network, but you also get the chance to help people with their projects and learn a lot along the way. In my opinion, sharing your knowledge and expertise is very important and it depicts a lot on your CV and in the interview process.

As a female engineer, do you have any advice for other women who may consider a career in engineering?

In Argentina (and so many other countries around the world), there are far more men in engineering than women, which I find strange because your ability is not determined by your gender. My job is extremely satisfying. I would encourage other women to be bold and consider a career in engineering as it is truly fulfilling.

What makes working at Microsoft Buenos Aires special?

We are a very multicultural office, and although everyone speaks Spanish, I have colleagues from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Peru. The diversity of our team adds value to our work.

What is your favourite benefit of working there?

The flexible working environment. My time is my own, as long as I get my work done. It is a very mature work environment based on effort and results, regardless of where you do the work or at what time of day.


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