Recruiter Insights

Ask these four interview questions

When you’re looking for a job, it’s exciting to be invited for an interview. At the same time, it’s natural to feel nervous. One way to beat the jitters is to prepare answers to standard questions:

  • Tell us about yourself and your passions. (Technology needs to be on that list!)
  • Tell us about your skills and experience. How do they relate to the job?
  • Share with us what your resume can’t portray: Your personality.

At the same time, it’s important that you use the interview as an opportunity to ask us questions. You want to know if Microsoft is the right company for you.

Here are four of the best questions candidates can ask:

 1. “Why did you choose Microsoft?”

This question allows you to learn why we love working here. In advance, read company blogs and watch our videos. In the interview, delve into Microsoft’s culture, benefits, work/life balance, career progression and leadership opportunities. No one is better suited to tell you than us. You may be surprised by the range of answers you get from each person you ask because each individual values different things.

 2. “Where did you work before Microsoft and why did you move?”

If you are trying to choose between Microsoft and another company, this question can help you understand why others have chosen Microsoft. This insight might ease your decision.

3. “How will this role impact the new devices and services strategy and the vision Satya Nadella has for the company?”

This shows me you researched our objectives and what’s happening here. The answer provides insight into the role you applied for, which will make it easier to prepare for second- and final-round interviews.

From my perspective, I am proud to work for Microsoft during this exciting time of change and evolution, especially in Germany, where we were voted the country’s number one company in the ‘Great Place to work’ awards. We would be excited to discuss why.

 4. “If I got offered the job, in your opinion, what would be my biggest challenge in the role?”

This is a clever way of asking us about your weaknesses. The answer provides candidates the opportunity to address or work on areas to improve before the next round of interviews.

Ask the questions you want answered. An authentic interest in the job, the company and your future colleagues will make you stand out and increase your chance of success.

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