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4 reasons to join Microsoft right now

Richard is a devices solutions sales professional.  He works across the account teams in Central Government and Health to help include tablet devices, such as Surface, as part of our solution value proposition. Because Richard recently moved from Apple to join Microsoft, we asked Richard to share with us why he chose Microsoft — and why now? In his own words:

How did you land at Microsoft?

Microsoft approached me just after the reorganisation was announced. At the time I was working for Apple, driving their products into the public sector. I knew it was a great time to make the move. This is a really exciting time to be a part of Microsoft, as the organisation looks to integrate experiences across devices, offering a full suite of products to both consumers and enterprises. This differs from Apple and Android, which are designed specifically for the consumer.

Did you have any concerns about moving to Microsoft?

Not at all. In fact, the reorganisation influenced my decision. Microsoft will be a very different company in a few years. It’s a time of company transformation, and devices and services are an important part. I would like to use my past experiences to help drive this forward.

Are you happy with your decision?

Absolutely! I have been with Microsoft several months now and I am really enjoying my role. Everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful. There is a central drive to succeed in everything we set out to do.

Was there anything about Microsoft that surprised you?

I have always been aware of Microsoft’s great culture and the way the company looks after its employees. But I have been surprised by the clear career ladder that is set out for employees, even new hires like me. There is a real opportunity to progress quickly and you don’t need to hide your desire to progress your career: In fact, it is encouraged. This is a new way of thinking and working, one that is completely different from anything I have experienced in my career.

Flexible working conditions have been a pleasant surprise. Companies often mention this benefit as a value but don’t always put it into practice. At Microsoft, where, when and how people prefer to work is truly the norm. I am a single dad so this mind-set has made my life a lot easier.

4 reasons to join Microsoft right now:

  1. Innovation – Be part of a devices and services company that is innovating and creating mind-blowing technology solutions every day. Surface Pro, Xbox One, Nokia Lumia — just to name a few.
  2. Benefits – Whether you are looking to learn Japanese, want to stay fit, or seek work/life balance, Microsoft offers remarkable benefits that can flex to your needs and lifestyle.
  3. Start-up culture with the benefit of financial backing – No one is claiming Microsoft is a start-up but it does offer the culture of one, without worrying about whether or not you can find the funding to pursue your ideas.
  4. Progression – If you are willing to work hard and discuss where you would like to see yourself in the future, management at Microsoft will try to get you there. Even from day one.

Work with people who are passionate about the future of technology and are experts in their fields. And most importantly: Participate in leading the change.

For more information about joining Microsoft, take a look at jobs we have available across the globe.