“3 reasons why I love Microsoft”

Sonia Nijhawan is a Program Manager currently working on Consumer Ad Experiences at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus. Before Ads, she worked on AppEx (the team that built pre-installed Windows Apps) and was on the Bing team. Sonia says she loves working at Microsoft, and particularly on the Silicon Valley campus. We’ll let Sonia tell you, in her own words, why…

I love Microsoft for these 3 reasons:

  1. Worldwide. The global breadth and ubiquity of Microsoft creates tremendous opportunity to fundamentally improve the lives of billions worldwide with our work. The pursuit of world-changing software and technology also offers the flexibility and luxury of working from locations around the world, combining the excitement of travel with the reward of technology-driven impact.
  2. Many companies all in one! From Xbox to Windows Phone to Cloud and Enterprise to Office, Bing and oh-so-much-more, you will never get bored because of the enormous variety of products and projects you can own, the wide array of people and enterprises they power, and the diversity in the nature of the work.
  3. Ability to make impact. You aren’t asked to optimize a button on a feature, you are asked to optimize the entire feature – a feature that likely affects the work and personal lives of millions of people in hundreds of markets around the world. You don’t tread shallow waters, you learn to swim in the deep end. And you’re given all the tools and support you need to succeed, making for an exponential learning curve that challenges, excites, and cultivates you personally and professionally.

I absolutely love being a Program Manager.

It is the perfect combination of my technical background from MIT, where I majored in Computer Science, and my passion for leading teams and products from the concept to market. As a Program Manager, you get to be a true visionary.

I use the analogy of planting a flower:

  • First: You plant the seed – the initial ideation and definition phase of a product
  • Second: Water it – oversee and manage the product through the software development cycle
  • Third: Watch it blossom – over time, your vision becomes a full-fledged reality and product that enhances the lives of all those who use it.

It is an amazing feeling to see that “flower” bloom and shine on the counter of your local Best Buy or the PCs and tablets of all your friends and family.

Silicon Valley is home to some of the world’s most influential and diverse tech firms.

After working at Microsoft on main campus in Redmond/Bellevue for three years, I wanted to bring my love and passion for Microsoft to a new environment. And what better place to reroute than sunny California’s tech capital of the world? Silicon Valley was an obvious next choice.

With the large technology enterprise and cutting-edge startups co-existing in a fertile ecosystem of innovation, Silicon Valley affords you the chance to bring that same level of entrepreneurial innovation to Microsoft. Although technology jobs are a dime a dozen in the Valley, the career opportunities at Microsoft always appealed to me the most. Ever since I was little, I played with those now-rickety MS-DOS computers. And it was my dream to one day join the company.

What keeps me at Microsoft?  The people, the products, the principles, the potential!

If someone is considering an opportunity at Microsoft Silicon Valley, here’s my advice:  Joining Microsoft anywhere is always a great decision. J


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