Microsoft tops Navigant Research’s IoT platform vendor leaderboard

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“Microsoft’s Azure IoT is noted for its enterprise cloud computing capabilities, and earns high marks for its focus on its real-time data analytics functionality, and its broad suite…aimed at connecting and monitoring large numbers of devices.”

As enterprises turn to IoT technology to revolutionize their businesses, they face a new and potentially intimidating challenge: sifting through and evaluating the crowded landscape of IoT vendors. With so many companies offering a host of differing cloud tech services, it can be difficult to determine which can provide the most robust, least complicated solutions.

One resource to consider is Navigant Research’s IoT Platform Vendor Leaderboard, where Microsoft ranked number one. In this thorough (and independent) report, Navigant Research details how Microsoft’s Azure IoT leads a group of fourteen other established and growing providers.

Navigant Research employed a broad methodology in their analysis of these vendors. The report states, “Vendors were selected for their active participation in the enterprise or industrial IoT platform market, which includes vendors targeting the utility sector, as well as manufacturing, agriculture, mining, healthcare, commercial, education, transportation, and other subsegments where digital transformation is underway.” Many specific strategic and executional factors were considered as well, from clarity of company vision to the ability to outlast competition and market fluctuations.

The conclusion: Microsoft is the leader in IoT platform solutions. Navigant Research summed it up this way: “Microsoft’s Azure IoT is noted for its enterprise cloud computing capabilities, and earns high marks for its focus on its real-time data analytics functionality, and its broad suite that starts with its IoT Hub offering aimed at connecting and monitoring large numbers of devices. The company’s platform also features the ability to extend to edge devices, and can incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities for customers seeking to leverage those technologies…The platform and the Azure cloud also feature strong security capabilities; notably, the US government recently approved Azure for hosting classified-level applications.”

Here’s how they break down Microsoft’s strategy and execution scores:

We also believe that Microsoft is positioned as the ideal IoT platform choice for enterprises in multiple industries, but staying in that position will require constant improvement, expansion, development, and network-building, all of which we are pursuing. Navigant Research acknowledges our ongoing efforts in its summary of Microsoft offerings: “The software giant continues to enhance its platform…For now, it has one of the more complete solutions.”

That “for now” phrase is important. The IoT world evolves almost weekly, and there’s no room for error—or complacency—for companies providing solutions and services for the growing number of enterprises seeking to evolve as well.

“Navigant Research expects IoT platform demand to grow steadily through 2027 as utilities and companies across the industrial spectrum increasingly install connected devices and sensors, and then leverage those capital investments with software and services…The global market for industrial IoT software and service bundles is forecast to grow at a 29.4% compound annual growth rate from nearly $1.2 billion in 2017 to $15.3 billion in 2027. The market is expected to total a cumulative $77.4 billion between 2017 and 2027.”

In other words, the IoT business is booming. Microsoft is positioned to continue leading the pack in this competitive industry. We are honored to be recognized by Navigant Research for our efforts.

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