Enabling IoT solutions that will last over the long term

 |   Microsoft IoT

The business value of the Internet of Things is expanding rapidly, enriching industries as diverse as farming, appliances, and shipping, and bolstering McKinsey’s prediction that the economic value of IoT could be as much as $11 trillion by 2025.

As companies discover new applications for IoT that go beyond homes and offices, they must also contend with the great variety of challenges inherent with operating in the larger world. These may include harsh environmental conditions, additional security concerns, and the difficulty of ensuring the compatibility and flexibility needed to work alongside a diverse array of other systems. Customers also expect these IoT devices to perform reliably, with little maintenance, for several years.

To help IoT device manufacturers continue to meet these increasingly stringent long-term demands, Microsoft is collaborating with NXP Semiconductors to release a private preview of Windows 10 IoT Core on two of NXP’s IoT processor families. Optimized for intelligent edge devices—those capable of both aggregating and analyzing data on the spot—Windows 10 IoT Core on NXP processors equips customers to fine-tune their power usage and offers additional security protections, among other improvements. This means IoT device manufacturers can offer even more cost savings, as well as ensure the integrity of their devices against malicious applications and other forms of tampering.

In addition, to help maintain device security and longevity, Microsoft is also announcing it will offer 10 years of support for Windows 10 IoT Core and Windows 10 IoT Core Enterprise through its Windows Long-Term Servicing Channel. This demonstrates Microsoft’s continuing commitment to supporting IoT devices as it works to build a more connected world.

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