Another look: Johnson Controls transforms the thermostat with IoT

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The modern household thermostat is getting even smarter—and simpler.

The new GLAS smart thermostat from Johnson Controls (JCI) is built to transform the way we think about and interact with a device that is often overlooked. Long gone are the days of fiddling with a lever here or a twist there to find the perfect temperature for the living room, just to adjust it an hour later.

Thanks to robust platforms powered by IoT and the cloud, smart thermostats offer a range of capabilities few might have imagined even a decade ago. But GLAS isn’t just a digital means to an end for controlling a room’s temperature: At the touch of a screen—or even a voice command—the thermometer can instantly measure a range of internal and external factors to intuitively and securely control the temperature of an entire home.

In today’s post on the Transform blog, we explain why even as the competitive market grows, JCI expects GLAS to change what people expect from their smart home devices—stylish, yet easy-to-use tools that make it simple to control their domains—and why they chose Microsoft technology to build on.

Starting with a set of sensors that assesses the internal environment, including determining whether a room is occupied, GLAS adapts its heating and cooling settings according to user-set preferences. But it can also send alerts and recommendations to help save energy. And when it’s connected to Wi-Fi, it goes even further—incorporating weather and air-quality data to adjust the home’s intake of outside air, as well as enabling voice control via Microsoft Cortana.

JCI built GLAS on Windows 10 IoT Core after determining it would better meet its needs for security and scalability than Linux and Android. GLAS data is hosted in Microsoft Azure, accessible via Microsoft IoT Hub, and encrypted by BitLocker. Users can control the thermostat’s settings and view readings remotely via smartphone apps built on Universal Windows Platform.

“This is the pinnacle of our thermostat offerings, providing the most capabilities, the best ease of use, and the most beautiful design,” said Pat Mulcahy, general manager of thermostats and controls for Johnson.

But it’s also the start of something more for the company. Read the Transform post to learn more about GLAS and how Johnson is looking to transform the smart home experience.

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