KISS: Keep IoT simple and scalable

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how organizations operate, sell, and sustain relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Of course, different customers have different reasons for deploying IoT solutions, but the most common use cases that Microsoft and our partners and customers tackle include:

  • Device management and data integration
  • Rapid application deployment
  • Analytics applications
  • Device development

No matter the use case, many organizations experience familiar challenges in rolling out this transformational capability. Why? IoT projects can be complex. Factors that can block progress include:

  • Security. Embedding and maintaining security across all links of the chain—at the device level, during transmission, and in the cloud—requires substantial expertise and investment.
  • Time. Developing software is just the beginning. Starting from scratch requires a significant amount of preparation. For example, organizations need the infrastructure to collect data and connect devices to the network and to each other. Then there’s the implementation of analytics so that people and machines can act on that data.
  • Compatibility. Many of the devices and applications that organizations want to collect data from aren’t native “speakers” of TCP/IP. Translating those languages so devices can communicate over the Internet can require complex integration projects.
  • Scale. For organizations that operate or sell globally, extending the power of IoT to every device in every region and geography can be overwhelming.

Microsoft has simplified IoT to help businesses overcome these issues across use cases:

  • Security. Microsoft IoT solutions incorporate end-to-end security, delivering in-depth protection for data, apps, on premises and in the cloud.
  • Time. Start in minutes with preconfigured IoT solutions from Microsoft that accelerate the most common IoT scenarios, or choose software as a service (SaaS) to remove complexity and started even faster.
  • Compatibility. Microsoft IoT solutions are designed to be open, so you can connect any device, OS, data source, software, or service.
  • Scale. Grow effortlessly with Microsoft, the industry leader in IoT. Scale to millions of devices and terabytes of data in 38 regions worldwide.

Microsoft is recognized across use cases as the industry leader

Microsoft offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of IoT solutions to meet customer needs, and simplify the adoption of IoT for virtually any scenario, environment, geographic requirement, or business process. In a benchmark report, Microsoft IoT solutions have been recognized for their industry-leading ability to support all these use cases. Prepared by market research and strategic consultancy Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), the leading independent European research and consulting firm for the software, IT services, and digital transformation industry, the report includes RADAR assessments for 30 leading IoT providers in Europe across each of the four common use cases.

If you’re ready to simplify and accelerate IoT adoption, take the first step and download IoT Platforms in Europe 2017. You’ll discover how Microsoft leadership in IoT offers the best and most comprehensive portfolio to enable digital transformation.

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