New Azure service allows easy event management across fleet of devices

 |   Microsoft IoT

Today the Microsoft Azure team is announcing general availability of a service for integrating events across multiple Azure and third-party services. Azure Event Grid is designed to help customers by greatly simplifying development of event-based applications such as device registration on Azure IoT Hub.

Azure IoT Hub integration to Azure Event Grid is currently being launched in public preview. By integrating with Azure IoT Hub, Azure Event Grid increases support for device life-cycle events as well as provides an easy way to automate actions such as database updates, ticket creation and billing management — all without human intervention.

Azure Event Grid also integrates easily with modern serverless architectures and third-party applications, allowing companies to extend its functionality across the network without the need for complicated coding.

All of this helps customers scale their IoT solutions and transform their businesses by automating potentially labor-intensive processes involved with setup, configuration, management and monitoring of devices. With Event Grid, an operations manager can easily integrate and automate key processes such as these:

  • Through IoT Hub events, the manager can update her CRM system with information on the new device and automatically open a ticket for an engineer to configure the device.
  • Through IoT Hub, she can kick off Azure Functions to check compliance of the new device once it’s operational.
  • Her Power BI dashboard can also receive automatic updates to display the new device and its status. This lets her quickly react to device life-cycle events, integrate events with other business applications, and save costs on polling services.

Azure is releasing several initial capabilities with today’s GA announcement, with more in the works that are planned for rollout in the coming months. We encourage you to check out the Azure Team’s blog post on the new service, and see what Azure Event Grid can do for your IoT solution.

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