JCI smart GLAS thermostat uses Microsoft IoT to cut energy costs

 |   Microsoft IoT

Heating and cooling account for more than 40 percent of energy use in a typical home — the largest energy expense for most families. In commercial spaces, the cost is just as significant. To help consumers and businesses stay on top of their energy use and keep heating and cooling costs in check, Johnson Controls (JCI) is introducing the GLAS smart thermostat, powered by Windows 10 IoT Core.

GLAS monitors air quality and intelligently adjusts the temperature to create a comfortable environment based on user preferences. GLAS can adapt to home or business schedules and detect when a building is occupied to automatically adjust settings and save energy. When GLAS is connected to the internet, homeowners and business owners can access, monitor and manipulate the thermostat from a mobile device, tablet or web browser.

Working with a trusted and secure platform like Windows 10 IoT enabled JCI to easily combine the technologies needed to create a comfortable, cost-saving solution to high energy bills. GLAS is also the first smart thermostat to feature Cortana, which enables users to give voice-activated commands to change temperatures, manage online calendars, check traffic and more.

In addition to voice-activated intelligence, GLAS provides integration with Microsoft’s suite of knowledge and productivity tools. And because GLAS is powered by Windows 10 IoT Core and Azure IoT, the smart thermostat will continue becoming more intelligent, learning from and recording user data while safely processing and storing it for secure, encrypted access across devices. In addition, as with all Windows IoT-powered technologies, the latest features and security updates will be delivered automatically to the thermostat.

GLAS will be available for preorder in March at glas.johnsoncontrols.com. For more information, head to the Windows blog.

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