New Azure location-based service brings greater value to the enterprise

 |   Microsoft IoT

Look under the hood or dashboard of any commercial truck and you’ll find an array of sensors monitoring the performance of every on-board system, and sending telemetry data back to the manufacturer.

Once captured by the Internet of Things (IoT), telemetry data holds tremendous value for scenarios beyond maintaining the vehicle and extending its lifespan. For example, with location-based data, fleet managers could more easily oversee the entire fleet of transportation assets, and manufacturing engineers could pinpoint the location of the next load of materials in the supply chain.

Yet despite the potential value of these and other scenarios, companies have been hard-pressed to innovate on location-based solutions on a scale that provides meaningful ROI. Which is why we’re releasing today Azure Location Based Services (LBS), a new IoT offering meant to change all that.

Azure LBS is the first public cloud offering that provides location-based services at enterprise scale, opening the door to a wide range of smart city and IoT solutions that can consume mapping, search, routing, traffic and time zone data.

Adding further value is our partnership with TomTom, which is supplying mapping and traffic data from millions of devices around the world. We’re working with TomTom in 100 cities, with more on the way. And companies such as ESRI, Cubic and Fathym are already on board to build solutions that leverage Azure LBS.

To learn more about today’s announcement, read Sam George’s post on the Official Microsoft Blog.

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