Electric Imp and Particle solutions seamlessly integrate with Azure IoT Hub

 |   Microsoft IoT

Securely integrating the cloud with device connectivity platforms just got easier, thanks to new solutions from Azure IoT partners Electric Imp and Particle. These capabilities can help businesses implement initiatives like predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, and full integration into business applications for workflow automation.

Both companies have created new ways to seamlessly connect with Azure IoT Hub to deliver data to the cloud and to manage the IoT device lifecycle, from secure provisioning and monitoring  to device retirement. Seamless connectivity allows companies to more easily develop new products and services that can scale and transform their business models.

Consider Kelly Roofing: Using Microsoft Dynamics and PowerObjects, the roofing contractor is piloting a “connected roof” service model that offers customers a leak-proof roof for an annual fee. Kelly outfits a roof with leak sensors connected to IoT Hub through Particle. If a leak is detected, a service alert is triggered in Dynamics and a repairman is automatically dispatched. This creates value and loyalty to customers—and a new revenue stream for Kelly.  Similarly, Electric Imp enables manufacturers to create a private managed cloud instance on Azure. This can provide a platform for a range of high-performance industrial IoT applications such as large-scale sensor deployments, remote monitoring of equipment, and real-time tracking of commercial assets.

To learn more about new IoT Hub solutions from Electric Imp and Particle, read our latest Azure blog post.

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