From cranes to shipping containers, IoT helps ZPMC transform the world’s ports

Looking to transform the world’s shipping ports, Shanghai-based ZPMC is using the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect equipment ranging from giant cranes to shipping containers.

Already the world’s largest manufacturer of port cranes, ZPMC is now working on becoming the total solution provider for the digital port. Working with Microsoft, it is shifting its business from selling hardware to also providing software and services. In doing so it has brought global connectivity to ports around the world and delivered added value to its customers.

Using Microsoft Azure IoT solutions and services including Azure IoT Suite, Stream Analytics, and Machine Learning, as well as Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server and DevOps, ZPMC can now remotely operate huge cranes 24/7 from inside an office for increased safety and efficiency. From its headquarters the company can also monitor all of its cranes worldwide, in more than 250 ports in 97 countries, and use predictive maintenance to receive alerts before equipment fails, significantly boosting uptime. ZPMC’s customers can even track their containers from dock to final destination.

Microsoft’s IoT solutions are enabling customers like ZPMC to scale, grow and transform their business. IoT-connected equipment can help lower costs, improve quality and increase energy efficiency, but most important it can enable new business models as companies across a range of industries expand their product lines to include software and services offerings.

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