The Internet of Things begins with a secure foundation today

May 18, 2017   |   Microsoft IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a part of daily life in every industry, and around the world. Governments and public sector organizations are monitoring critical infrastructure, companies are optimizing their supply chains and driving growth, and business has access to more and more managed services that are lowering technical barriers and the cost of doing business. But IoT also opens the door to new types of criminal enterprise. And once a cybercriminal has gained access to a network, they can easily access every area of an individual’s life or a company’s operations.

It is our belief that government leaders must respond to this threat by helping establish IoT cybersecurity policies and guidelines. They are stewards of societal well-being, and as such they play a critical role in driving consensus within the tech industry, as well as working with other countries to enforce laws and bring cybercriminals to justice.

The industry must also do more, not only to build secure hardware and software solutions, but also to ensure that these far-reaching solutions are installed and operated in a secure manner. This requires the cooperation of manufacturers, developers, systems integrators, deployment specialists and operators.

The IoT ecosystem depends on key players with a diverse range of security capabilities — manufacturers and integrators, developers, deployers and operators.

Microsoft is committed to helping its customers keep their IoT solutions secure through an end-to-end approach that starts by incorporating sound practices and secure technologies from the ground up.  Beyond that, safeguarding the vision of IoT requires collaboration, and ensuring its longevity starts by laying a foundation built on trust, open dialogue and a long-range view of what’s possible.

Read Paul Nicholas’ post about Microsoft’s vision for cybersecurity and download the whitepaper, Cybersecurity Policy for the Internet of Things, to learn more.

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