How to assess IoT security from end to end

Feb 15, 2017   |   Microsoft IoT

As businesses around the world look to adopt IoT or expand their deployments, security may have never been more top of mind. Recent news of hackers using sophisticated malware like Mirai is a reminder that actively addressing these issues is critical to businesses.

Yet as the threat landscape is always changing, security is not so much a destination to be reached as it is a continuous journey, according to Microsoft’s Arjmand Samuel, a principal program manager for IoT. Addressing the wide-reaching challenges of security in the age of IoT requires participation from the entire technology ecosystem — from cloud providers to hardware manufacturers and solution developers to the companies that ultimately operate the system.

This week at the RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco, Samuel will host a theater session discussing ways to foresee and overcome difficulties around designing, developing and deploying IoT infrastructure.

The session will explore new complexities introduced by recent security threats and detail the top security concerns that IoT solution providers, partners and customers should be focused on today. Samuel will also discuss the Security Program for Azure IoT, which brings customers together with trusted security auditors and Microsoft security specialists to evaluate IoT solutions end to end and identify security priorities, vulnerabilities and effective mitigations.

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