Unmasking the real value of IoT

Jan 18, 2017   |   Microsoft IoT

If you’ve been following the news around the Internet of Things (IoT), you’ve likely heard pundits singing its praises, talking about all the ways IoT technologies can drive business transformation. “At Microsoft we believe in the tremendous potential of IoT, but we also hear from our customers that realizing the benefits of IoT quickly can be a business challenge.”

In Unmasking IoT: The Real Value Behind the Hype, we help business leaders understand the true value IoT can bring. It illuminates some of the ways IoT is being used across different industries and answers questions like:

  • What can IoT do for my business?
  • Should I be worried about IoT security and privacy?
  • How do I make IoT safe for my business?
  • How do the different IoT vendors stack up?
  • And what is the business case for a connected washing machine, anyway?

This article will help you explain IoT to your colleagues and customers – and even reveal some ways you hadn’t thought of that IoT can help you uncover new business value.

Read the full article for more on the value of IoT. And for more information on other ways IoT can transform your business, visit www.InternetofYourThings.com.