Mattel nabi announces first-ever connected kids room, powered by IoT

Parenting is a hectic job. From attending to a baby’s comfort to supporting and protecting children as they learn and grow, there’s never a dull moment. Even when children are in bed or playing in their rooms, parents must stay ever alert to kids’ engagement, needs and safety.

Mattel’s nabi brand — known for its innovative nabi tablet and other high-tech solutions for kids — has stepped up to help simplify the complex lives of parents with the launch of Aristotle, the first-of-its-kind connected platform for kids. Developed using Microsoft IoT technologies and just announced at CES, Aristotle not only comes to the rescue of many a frazzled parent, but it is also helping Mattel take its nabi business to the next level.

So what makes Aristotle different from other connected housewares?

Intuitive, all-in-one solution

nabi_aristotle_hub_front_glowAristotle moves connected home devices a step further by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), voice, sight and sound into a single hub and camera, providing an intuitive, all-in-one solution that works with no need for additional devices or hardware — unlike the patchwork of devices and peripherals often needed to get your home connected (and that may or may not play nice with one another).

The offering also uses voice-activated, AI-driven technologies, including Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and IoT Stream Analytics, to help parents nurture, teach and protect their kids. The power of AI, including Cortana Intelligence, brings Speech to Text, LUIS, CRIS and Text to Speech functionality, allowing the platform to learn patterns and autonomously act upon user habits to aid in child development and learning.

With a built-in, LED, multiple-color lighting system and companion Wi-Fi camera, Aristotle can perform specialized AI functions on its own. Parents can establish autonomous “Do This When” protocols for a variety of unique situations. For example, the hub can soothe a crying baby with a lullaby, purchase diapers when supplies are low, read a bedtime story and even help kids learn a foreign language.

Seamless integration

Aristotle uses the flexibility of Azure IoT to adapt to kids’ needs as they grow up. Seamless integration with a wide variety of devices, back-end technologies, and application and web development tools means third-party companies can create new peripherals and integrated hardware for babies or kindergartners with ease.

Aristotle connects with Wink, Wemo, Samsung Smart Things, hue, Zigbee and others. And nabi partners Silk Labs, BabyCenter, Little Pin, iHeart Radio, FEN Learning and Tipitap are already developing content such as parenting advice, books, music, lesson plans, games and more.

Secure and convenient

nabi_aristotle_cam_mountedMattel has also taken security very seriously by making sure Aristotle is both COPPA and HIPAA compliant, applying the same data safeguards as hospitals, and using 256-bit encryption to keep Aristotle’s video stream secure. And the only way to sync with Aristotle is to get very close to the hub (no more than five inches away), so there’s no threat of nosy neighbors or strangers looking in on kids from down the street.

The Aristotle platform and hub will be available this summer along with a connected smart baby monitor. The hub includes a baby camera, night light, changing light, white noise machine and lullaby speaker. E-commerce functionality is tied directly to key retail partners, enabling Aristotle to reorder baby-related necessities and look for online deals.

Content and peripherals available at launch will focus on infant needs and early learning. nabi’s software development kit will also be available at launch for partners to begin creating additional content for toddlers, school-age kids and tweens.

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