Azure IoT Hub Awarded 9 Industry Certifications for Public Cloud Computing

Azure IoT Hub is already built on the enterprise-grade regulatory, compliance and portfolio requirements of the Azure cloud platform, which are needed to do business with most rigorous industries. In fact, Azure has more certifications and attestations than any other major public cloud provider.

Today, Azure IoT Hub has been awarded several major compliance certifications for the public cloud, which provide our customers with independently audited verifications of our cloud security for IoT.

Compliance certifications are critical for using Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Suite in a variety of industry verticals such as healthcare, finance, and energy management, many of which have requirements around how their data is managed and stored, especially around data security in businesses where personal information may be managed.

With this recent round of audits, we are compliant with the following:

All new certifications of our current IoT Hub security and compliance offerings were conducted by rigorous review through an independent third party assessing multiple criteria, including: security standards, regulations, control frameworks, and data privacy controls.

You can learn more about Azure cloud platform certifications at the Microsoft Trust Center and our Azure IoT security approach on the Secure blog.

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