Cummins Power Generation keeps the lights on with Azure IoT Suite

When Hurricane Sandy hammered the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. in the fall of 2012, millions of people were left without electricity, unable to use their furnaces, lights and many other day-to-day essentials. Getting the lights back on required the hard work of entire communities, including first responders and neighborhood volunteers, as well as companies in a position to help. Following devastating power losses, Cummins Power Generation provided nearly 400 generators and 30 miles of cable to the effort, while company’s field technicians slept on cots next to equipment so they could ensure performance around the clock.

Today, Cummins’ experts in the field can do the same job from the comfort of their own office, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. Cummins worked with Microsoft and a Minneapolis-based solution provider, Avtex, to develop the PowerCommand Cloud™, a remote monitoring solution that connects to millions of Cummins generators around the world, providing greater visibility into how equipment is performing, and enabling refueling and performance maintenance at the exact time to maximize uptime.

The PowerCommand Cloud collects data from generators virtually anywhere, and analyzes it in real time. But PowerCommand Cloud’s reach isn’t limited to Cummins’ generators: It monitors virtually every other component of a backup power supply as well, from the transfer switches to the sensors and any other ancillary equipment.

What’s more, the solution automatically alerts service technicians, business owners and homeowners of any performance issues, and technicians can access performance data through a web-based interface on most any device, enabling them to troubleshoot issues whether remote or onsite. Having access to all this information will help reduce the number of performance issues, and ensure that any that do arise are resolved that much quicker.

“In a hospital, just a few minutes without power could make a difference in the ability to save someone’s life,” notes Henrique Cubarenco, Product Manager at Cummins Power Generation. “We wanted a cloud-based remote monitoring system that could gain us real-time access to our customers’ equipment so we could resolve problems even faster.”

In minimizing the downtime for its customers, Cummins also simplified operations for home owners and provided a more convenient solution for customers and dealers to manage their generators and power systems.

With the power of Azure IoT Suite behind it, PowerCommand Cloud is capturing data that could ultimately lead to more durable, efficient and reliable generators. Knowing that should help each of Cummins’ service technicians sleep a little better at night, wherever they lay their head.

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