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More and more companies are drawn to the advantages provided by cloud technology – yet this shift also presents opportunities for hackers. As a result, cybersecurity for cloud-based technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT) has never been hotter.

On Oct. 16, a cyberattack that caused massive outages was linked to the use of hacked IoT devices such as DVRs and closed-circuit TV cameras. In light of this worldwide attack, many organizations are interested in taking a closer look at how cloud-connected devices could impact the security of their networks.

If you’re looking to become more knowledgeable on the topic, in addition to our post about our new Security Program for Azure IoT, we’re also rebroadcasting our popular webinar, Are my robots going to attack me? Tips for a secure IoT strategy. (Spoiler alert: They’re not.)

In this webinar, Microsoft IoT security experts Colin Masson and Leandro Do Carmo Iwase walk you through the most important strategies for ensuring your IoT devices are securely connected to your network. You’ll learn how to:

  • Bolster your security through safe IoT and cloud practices.
  • Recognize weak links in your IoT operations.
  • Address IoT security issues at multiple levels: devices, connections and the cloud.
  • Adopt ongoing best practices for recognizing and overcoming IoT security threats.

We look forward to you joining us for the rebroadcast of this timely webinar. Register now.

Don’t let fear hold you back from the IoT technology revolution, which is predicted to generate $2.3 trillion in new economic value by 2025. Instead, get out in front with a strong line of defense. We’ll show you how comprehensive security solutions make Microsoft Azure a trusted cloud for IoT that is helping customers scale, grow and transform their businesses.

IoT is here to stay, and Microsoft is working on multiple levels to keep your IoT solutions secure. In addition to providing enterprise-grade IoT security in Azure and across connected devices with the Windows 10 IoT Core secure IoT operating system, we’re also engaging with standards bodies and industry partners to establish IoT protocols and best-practices for security auditing. And with the new Security Program for Azure IoT, we’ll pair you with best-in-class security auditors who’ll examine your IoT solutions from the ground up to ensure your IoT deployments are as secure as possible, across devices, connections and the cloud.

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