Introducing the Security Program for Azure IoT

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There’s a huge opportunity for enterprises today to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform their businesses—one that also brings with it questions of how to address the potential security and privacy risks that the proliferation of devices can pose, even before implementation begins.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, these potential risks are growing fast. Last year researchers discovered critical vulnerabilities in a number of IoT-enabled devices, ranging from baby monitors to cars and smart watches. Some breaches could possibly even be life threatening, such as attacks on IoT medical devices.

Not surprisingly, these threats have many companies weighing the benefits of their IoT implementations with security best practices and standards. To ensure they can get started with IoT quickly and safely, Microsoft announced today its new Security Program for Azure IoT, which will help customers understand, manage and deploy IoT faster and with full confidence that their devices, assets and data are secure. This initiative is in direct response to our customers’ request for additional security assurances to make sure they have assembled their IoT solutions in a secure way from devices, to connectivity, to the cloud.

In a post on the Microsoft Secure Blog, Sam George explains how we’ll work with auditors to evaluate customers’ entire IoT infrastructure from the ground up. After closely examining everything, including devices and assets, gateways and communication to the cloud, we’ll help them develop and implement the most rigorous security models.

Microsoft is working with best-in-class security auditors with multiple areas of expertise. Our initial auditing partners will deliver independently validated security assessments of our customers’ IoT solutions, find issues and provide recommendations. We are also working with standards organizations and consortia, such as the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), to establish industry protocols and best practices for security auditing at multiple levels of the entire IoT ecosystem.

The Security Program for Azure IoT is built on Microsoft’s holistic approach to security for customers with broad investments across platforms for devices, infrastructure, identity, apps and data. Businesses in many industries can benefit, including automotive, smart cities, healthcare, military and more.

For more information about the Security Program for Azure IoT, read the post on the Microsoft Secure blog and visit our Security Auditor partner page. To learn how you can transform your business with IoT, visit

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