Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and HoloLens enable revolutionary solutions for thyssenkrupp Elevator

 |   Sam George - Director, Azure IoT

Next time you take an elevator ride, you might be interested to know just how broadly the elevator industry touches workers and consumers: more than 12 million elevators transport nearly 1 billion people every day, and the global elevator industry’s value is more than $44 billion a year. While the elevator industry is 100 years old, innovative leaders like thyssenkrupp Elevator, one of the top four manufacturers in the world, are transforming the industry using the Internet of Things (IoT) to track data in order to dramatically reduce maintenance costs and ensure their elevators keep running without interruption.

We’ve blogged before about how thyssenkrupp worked with Microsoft to develop its predictive maintenance solution, which securely connects sensors and systems in thyssenkrupp’s elevators to the Azure cloud. Built on the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, thyssenkrupp’s IoT-enabled predictive maintenance solution – MAX – enables thyssenkrupp to capture elevator data including motor temperature, shaft alignment, cab speed and door functioning and use that data to predict the maintenance needs using Azure advanced analytics. This dramatically reduces the costs of maintaining elevators and improves uptime for thyseenkrupp’s customers.


Now thyssenkrupp is taking their IoT solution even further by adding HoloLens to its solution. In a post on the Transform blog, you’ll learn how HoloLens with Skype capabilities enables over 24,000 thyssenkrupp technicians to receive remote assistance by subject matter experts who can provide visual and audible advice using HoloLens’s mixed reality capabilities. These remote subject matter experts can see what onsite technicians see in real time and even draw visual indicators on the technician’s field of view to assist with repairs. By adding HoloLens to their solution, thyssenkrupp has set a new standard in elevator innovation, reducing the average length of its service calls by up to four times.

Microsoft offers the most complete set of technologies to empower digital transformation and we’re proud to work with thyssenkrupp.

To learn more about how thyssenkrupp is using HoloLens and Azure IoT Suite, check out the full post on the Transform blog. For more information on how IoT can transform your business, visit

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