Azure Logic Apps facilitates rapid integration for IoT solutions

Jul 27, 2016   |   Microsoft IoT

As businesses continue to transform themselves digitally, they must adapt to an increasing — and sometimes difficult to wrangle — number of connected platforms, devices and applications. The general availability of Azure Logic Apps today offers smoother integration processes for customers in a variety of industries.

Announced this spring at the Integrate 2016 event in London, Logic Apps is a comprehensive integration platform for hybrid environments that allows organizations to easily sync their on-premises IT systems and applications with a vast array of cloud services. By connecting legacy and cutting-edge systems much more easily, Logic Apps brings speed and scalability further into the enterprise integration space — two characteristics also vital to successful Internet of Things (IoT) implementations.

Our IoT customers asked for even better ways to connect their business systems, and with Logic Apps’ extensive (and growing) set of connectors, companies can expand their existing Azure Cloud solutions even further to gain actionable intelligence, automate processes and make better informed business decisions. Logic Apps makes it easy to integrate Azure offerings such as Azure IoT Suite, Cortana Intelligence, and services such as machine learning and cognitive services.

Businesses considering or deploying Azure IoT can benefit from a range of possibilities to expand business processes made possible through Logic Apps, such as:

  • Automating a service or operations ticket in a CRM or Dynamics 365 system with necessary diagnostics information already logged
  • Automatically schedule maintenance for only the devices that need it
  • Gain awareness of system health via automatic updates to Slack, email or an Excel spreadsheet
  • Keep processes moving with automatic email notifications when files are uploaded to a OneDrive folder

To get started using Logic Apps, click here to walk through a tutorial on how to automate email notifications when anomalous behavior is detected in your Azure IoT solution.

For more information on Logic Apps, check out today’s announcement on the Azure blog, as well as the Logic Apps blog on MSDN and this overview. And for ideas on how you can use Logic Apps to build new value from IoT, make sure and visit