London startup SAM Labs is democratizing IoT device creation

 |   Microsoft IoT

Technology today has made once-laborious tasks, like creating software, easier than ever before. However, innovative hardware design is still largely the domain of trained engineers and the most dedicated hobbyists. That is, until now: A feature on Microsoft Stories tells how Joachim Horn, founder of London-based startup SAM Labs, is working to change that and democratize the physical realm of the Internet of Things (IoT).

SAM Labs construction kits include sensors, motors, lights, sliders, buttons and other functional gadgets that communicate with one another wirelessly.  The kit components are the building blocks for connected objects; using the simple SAM Labs software to connect the blocks, users can build objects as simple as a smart lamp or as complex as a driverless vehicle.

Horn sees SAM Labs kits as a way for ordinary people to express their creative ideas by building previously unimagined devices — to solve problems that the traditional tech and engineering worlds have not addressed — without needing an extensive engineering background or costly materials and fabrication facilities.

“We’re leveling the playing field to empower kids, designers, startups or anyone else who wants to build an Internet of Things device and never thought they could,” Horn says.

After developing a prototype, Horn was looking for support for the startup team when he met a Microsoft Accelerator representative at an innovation event. The accelerator team jumped at the idea, and SAM Labs was quickly accepted to a Microsoft Accelerator group that helped the startup build out the business concept in a supportive, respectful environment. Lean more about Horn’s startup experience and the promise of SAM Labs.

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