Microsoft weighs in on how the US government can help to promote IoT

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is more than a cutting-edge technological architecture; it’s a transformative concept for how people, devices and data interact in many spheres of life, from the professional (industrial manufacturing and healthcare) to personal (retail shopping and home entertainment). As the industry matures, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) are now seeking to define government’s role in supporting, promoting and regulating IoT.

On the Cyber Trust Blog, Paul Nicholas, senior director of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft, discusses Microsoft’s recent submission to the NTIA on how the government can help to foster the advancement of IoT. The comments highlight that any government approach to IoT should address a number of critical issues, including cybersecurity, “notice and consent”, globally-relevant IoT standards and alignment with other countries’ IoT strategies and international trade commitments.

To take action on these policy priorities, we believe that the government should:

  • Create an IoT interagency task force to share perspectives and set goals and milestones;
  • Establish a joint government and industry standing body to pursue guidelines for cybersecurity
  • Review and recommend research & development funding and investment, especially for security.

“Governments have an important role in ensuring that IoT innovations continue,” Paul says. “Microsoft looks forward to continuing to work with NTIA to address the benefits and challenges of IoT in the future.”

Find out more about Microsoft’s comments on the Cyber Trust Blog. For more details on Microsoft’s approach to IoT security, please download our recent white paper, Securing Your Internet of Things from the Ground Up and visit  to learn how IoT can transform your business.

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