Using IoT to find efficiencies and insights in the smart energy continuum

 |   Microsoft IoT

Few industries are changing as rapidly as energy. The variable price of carbon-based fuels and the rise of alternative technologies are prompting businesses and consumers alike to examine how to streamline power usage and boost sustainability. In a Power & Utilities blog post reflecting on the smart energy technologies showcased at Hannover Messe, Larry Cochrane, director of Industry Technology Strategy for Power & Utilities at Microsoft, notes that the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to be a catalyst for even greater energy industry transformation.

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Larry describes what he calls a smart energy continuum: an ecosystem comprising residential consumers, cities and industrial manufacturing facilities, all united by the need for digital technologies that improve energy efficiency and management. In this continuum, IoT technologies combine connectivity, sensors and devices, and the power of cloud computing and advanced analytics to enable new intelligent insights that enhance sustainability and transform organizations.

“Microsoft is playing a role with forecasting, with integration of technologies, working closely with partners to enable their solutions, and I believe that we will be a very, very strong participant in the overall sustainability and the smart energy ecosystem moving forward,” Larry says.

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