Connected field service: Watch the video behind the video

Jun 8, 2016   |   Microsoft IoT

Earlier today, Brad Anderson blogged about the lighthearted new video we’re calling “The Corrector” on his In the Cloud blog. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the short explores some common IoT scenarios through a couple who find themselves being schooled on the mysteries of IoT in their day-to-day lives.

To see how the ‘magic’ actually happens, check out this ‘engineering of’ video covering the technology that powers the connected supply chain and smart city featured in the film:

The behind-the-scenes look offers an insightful demonstration that includes setting up an IoT solution in minutes, tracking operations using an intelligent dashboard, and analyzing data to help the business make better decisions.

Together, the two videos provide an entertaining primer on how IoT is transforming businesses today, and how software is the connective tissue that makes these powerful new solutions possible — and easier to build than you might think.

So take a look at these videos, and then if you’re inspired to check out more ideas, demos, tutorials and other resources that can help you build your IoT strategy, head over to

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