Building a “Customer Driven” service model with IoT

 |   Microsoft IoT

As the number of connected things continues to grow exponentially, companies are getting smarter about developing Internet of Things (IoT) strategies that make business processes more predictive and intelligent.

One of the primary business areas that can benefit from these improvements is customer service. As Barb Edson points out on the Microsoft Dynamics blog, today major companies around the world are discovering how they can quickly and easily combine IoT technologies with their existing business software like Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create proactive, issues-based customer service solutions that improve the customer experience and drive better business results.

The potential of this movement goes well beyond helping field service professionals to operate more efficiently. When combined with rich analytics tools many enterprises are already using for business planning, such as Microsoft Power BI, organizations can mine the data they get from connected processes and find new ways to impact their bottom line.

Trail blazers in this field, including global brands, are finding they can proactively diagnose and identify problems, predict maintenance and service needs before a customer makes a request, prevent similar problems in the future, and even use this intelligence to create new business models and revenue streams.

To learn more about bringing IoT into your business processes and software, be sure and register for Microsoft’s Customer Driven event this week. Rolls Royce, Blendtec and NAVCO will be on hand to discuss how they’ve built new, disruptive solutions that are transforming the way they deliver customer service. The event will be streamed live on June 6, and available for on-demand playback at any time.

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