New IoT-enabled app lets Indy 500 fans tap into live racing data

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Motorsports fans not only love auto racing, they also love big numbers — like 220 miles per hour, 700 horsepower and the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, held this Memorial Day weekend. For this century-old tradition, sharing up-to-the-minute performance numbers is as crucial to drivers as it is to a new generation of fans looking to engage more with their favorite teams.

This year’s landmark Indy 500 brought unprecedented number-crunching to the historic racetrack, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and a cloud-powered web app as technologically impressive as the cars themselves. Built by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), Microsoft and BlueMetal, the app delivered a wealth of data for motorsports fans to tap into, captured from all 33 cars as they battled for the checkered flag. This telemetry yielded insight into each driver’s performance, along with lap speeds, course conditions and which drivers are moving fastest to the front of the pack.


With 150 data points incoming from pit row alone, it takes the power of the cloud to harness all this data. Using Microsoft Azure technology, the app helped fans make sense of the 4.5 million rows of data that stream in during the three-hour race. Streaming analytics put the numbers into an easy-to-understand format on a website where fans could view real-time statistics as never before while drivers battle for victory at the Brickyard.

The app holds the potential to deepen the interest of loyal racing fans and spread its popularity to a new generation of tech-savvy gearheads. Beyond this year’s race it might even help give rise to data-driven fantasy racing, similar to fantasy football.

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