BMW’s Azure-powered personal travel assistant curates better driving experiences

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For decades, automakers have worked to improve the driver’s experience, whether in the form of a more comfortable ride, better mechanics or increased efficiency. Now, BMW is transforming the entire automotive journey with BMW Connected, a new intelligent personal travel assistant powered by the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

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In a post on the Transform blog, we show how BMW Connected integrates seamlessly into your digital life by capturing data from different sources, including real-time traffic conditions as well as your calendar, contacts, messages and apps. With it, you can find parking spaces more quickly, leave for appointments early enough to arrive on time, let people know when you will get there and more. BMW Connected can even learn from your driving habits, making it more helpful the more you use it.

The brain behind BMW Connected is BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud, a flexible, scalable platform built using Microsoft Azure technologies and tools. Azure gives Open Mobility Cloud scalability, resilience and the ability to seamlessly roll out services worldwide. This not only allows BMW to easily add new capabilities to BMW Connected, but also improve drivers’ experience with time.

To learn more about how BMW Connected is enhancing the driving journey, read BMW Launches Digital Mobility Experience Based on the Open Mobile Cloud Using MS Azure on the Microsoft Transform blog.

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