Hannover Messe 2016: Epicenter of Industrie 4.0

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Today, “Industrie 4.0” is reaching its tipping point, and the Internet of Things (IoT) provides the connective tissue making it possible. The flow of data from the network edge back to central IT is creating a new era where intelligence is disrupting industries around the globe, changing how we use transportation, allowing us to build safer vehicles and increasing productivity on the factory floor.

Fueled by connectivity, the cloud and powerful analytics, this movement has the potential to improve the way we work and live as significantly in the next 10 years as mainstream IT and the Internet did over the past 60 years.

Creating intelligence with IoT

Manufacturers today face a number of unique challenges as they struggle to stay competitive and deliver greater value to customers. These companies need to be able to connect a broad range of equipment and software that often spans decades of investment.

Many manufacturers see the potential of IoT to solve these challenges. Microsoft supports every stage in this transformation, starting with Azure IoT Suite technologies that extract data from anywhere, to the massive data-storage capability available through the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, to the rich insights possible through the Cortana Intelligence Suite, to presenting information in new, natural ways.

Next week at Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial automation conference, Microsoft will showcase technologies that empower companies to transform themselves and create their own systems of intelligence with IoT.

Satya Nadella will kick off Microsoft’s participation at the show with a keynote at Wirtschaftsforum, a forum of 350 executives who will hear from Satya and other global leaders on the future of advanced manufacturing. While the event itself is by invitation only, the talks will be available streaming live here, so be sure and tune in for that on April 24.

Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing stories of customers on the forefront of industrial innovation with IoT. Here’s just a sampling of what we’ll be talking about at the show:

IAV: Enhanced Productivity and Safety

IAV Automotive Engineering is using Windows 10 Continuum to stream Windows 10 and all its applications directly to intelligent mobile dashboards. This new offering can integrate data and services such as Microsoft Office 365 or Cortana, becoming a personal assistant to drivers through a notebook, tablet, or smartphone.

At Hannover Messe, IAV and Microsoft will demonstrate a concept solution that enables communication to help prevent accidents. Known as “vehicle-2-x” communication (V2X), the approach uses data from the vehicle’s surroundings to improve convenience and enhance safety by anticipating and mitigating potential hazards.

ABB: next-generation electric vehicle charging

Electric-vehicle charging leader ABB and Microsoft have been exploring the possibilities to add value for customers through intelligence when vehicles are plugged into an electric vehicle charging station.

More to come

These exciting innovations in the automotive industry are just two examples from next week’s event — And there will be many more on display in Hannover. Technology companies and global standards organizations like the OPC Foundation will discuss how they enable innovation in the industry, and major global manufacturers will also be on hand with demonstrations of how they are transforming their factory floors to become smarter and leaner.

On Tuesday afternoon, Microsoft’s Barb Edson, general manager for the Data Platform and IoT Product Marketing, will take part in a panel put on by Accenture, about the evolution of R&D and how to drive innovation in the digital age. Wednesday, Sam George, Microsoft’s partner, director of IoT, is on deck in a similar session on securing sensitive data in IoT solutions and enabling smart production through analytics.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on all the happenings, so stay tuned. If you happen to be at the conference, make sure and attend the panel session with Barb and Sam, and stop by the Microsoft booth at Hannover Messe in Hall 7, Booth C40.

And as always, check out www.InternetofYourThings.com for more on what IoT can do for your business.

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