Life is on: Schneider Electric transforms its business with Azure IoT

At the Microsoft Build Developer Conference this week, we’ve had the chance to learn from thousands of developers — and one major theme that has emerged is the Internet of Things (IoT). For developers, IoT offers the opportunity to use connectivity and advanced analytics to create innovative solutions that deliver new value and ultimately transform their business.

One industry leader leveraging the power of IoT and data to revolutionize its business is global energy management company Schneider Electric, which was featured during Thursday’s keynote address by Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of the Cloud and Enterprise Group at Microsoft. Schneider is integrating Azure IoT technology across multiple energy management offerings on its Digital Platform Service, for solutions that scale from single-family home thermostats to business-critical weather forecasting for aviation and utility facilities in North America.

The company has deployed more than 30 distinct cloud-based offers for its customers globally, including a new IoT application that will be used to supervise and control the biggest solar farm in Europe. The company’s weather forecasting technology, SE Weather, collects data from 40,000 sensors around the world to create a best-in-class forecast that helps customers across agriculture, utilities, aviation and more make critical operational decisions.

It’s all part of a dramatic business transformation for Schneider Electric, which over nearly two centuries has evolved from an electric utility to a global leader in sustainable energy management. Schneider’s reach extends beyond Europe and beyond the energy industry: the company now works with many of the world’s largest oil & gas companies, mining and metal firms, international food and beverage brands, and many more. Schneider’s experience shows how Azure IoT enables developers to help even the most traditional businesses revolutionize their operations to become modern, connected enterprises.

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