Microsoft Makes IoT Even Easier for Businesses: Adds Azure IoT Gateway SDK and Device Management in Azure IoT Hub

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One of the great promises of technology is to bring digital order to our messy analog world. This is especially true when considering the Internet of Things (IoT), which often combines assets and devices a business already owns – and which may be in different buildings or even on different continents – not to mention legacy sensors or devices that have yet to be connected.

If it sounds complex, it is. That’s why our Azure IoT Suite is designed to get you up and running with IoT in minutes. Today at Microsoft //Build, we’re adding capabilities that will make IoT management even easier for businesses, regardless of the varying form factors, differing connection requirements and conflicting security constraints their “things” bring to the table.

As Sam George, partner director, Azure Internet of Things shares in his post on the Azure blog, today you’ll hear more about Azure IoT Hub capabilities that early adopters are currently using to significantly streamline device management. The device management feature in IoT Hub allows enterprises to remotely maintain, interact with, and manage IoT devices at scale from the cloud using accepted open source standards. Instead of developing and maintaining a custom device management solution or spending precious resources traveling to maintain global assets, the device management capabilities in IoT Hub allow businesses to remotely maintain and manage all IoT devices at scale from the cloud.

Sam also shares our announcement of the availability of the Azure IoT Gateway SDK, which enables businesses to connect legacy devices and sensors to the Azure cloud without having to replace existing infrastructure. And for developers, the SDK helps to easily build and deploy “edge intelligence” modules that optimize and process data before it’s sent to the cloud, allowing your business to benefit from minimized latency, reduced bandwidth costs, and more effective enforcement of security and privacy constraints.

Read more about the Azure IoT Gateway SDK and device management capabilities in Azure IoT Hub in Sam’s post on the Azure blog. For more information on what IoT can do for your business, visit

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