Singapore uses IoT to improve quality of life throughout nation

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Singapore, long known as a technology leader in Asia, is now bringing those advancements to the streets – literally. As part of its Smart Nation initiative, Singapore plans to combine technologies such as the cloud, Internet of Things, and data analysis with its strong public infrastructure and forward looking government. But fully achieving that vision will require academics, businesses, and startups to join in solving some of the world’s toughest societal challenges.

In a post on the Microsoft CityNext blog  Jean-Philippe Courtois, president, Microsoft International, reports on how Singapore is taking its first step in achieving this vision by using IoT to tackle traffic management issues. Traffic cameras and traffic lights record volumes of data. Since 2011, the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) has hosted a central hub where traffic data can be collected and used to improve traffic flow. The LTA uses the Microsoft Azure platform to host the data and get real-time insights that they then use to make decisions. The organization also makes the data available publicly, empowering developers to create unique mobile apps while pulling data from LTA.

Courtois also notes that IoT can have an important impact on a variety of verticals, from manufacturing and oil and gas to building management and healthcare.

In healthcare, for example, individuals are using wearable technology to monitor health and well-being beyond their heartrate, and physicians could use this data to monitor patients remotely. Researchers are gathering big data sets that could potentially lead to earlier diagnoses, and eventually cures, for some diseases.

These are just two examples of how technology and the Smart Nation concept could improve lives. Singapore is leading the way, but Courtois is hopeful other nations will follow suit.

To learn more about Singapore’s Smart Nation pilot, read Courtois’ blog post, How Singapore is realizing the true power of IoT. And for more details on what IoT can do for your business, visit

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