Microsoft joins Eclipse Foundation, announces Azure IoT support in Kura

Pioneering open-source communities like the Eclipse Foundation, which Microsoft has supported for years, have played an important role in the remarkable evolution and fast growth of the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT). Today at EclipseCon, we’re deepening our relationship by becoming an Eclipse Foundation Solutions Member, bringing a host of Microsoft solutions to the Eclipse open source community, including Azure IoT, and helping us deliver a great set of tools and services for all development teams.

General Manager of Microsoft’s Developer Division Shanku Niyogi shares in his post on the Visual Studio blog how Microsoft is advancing its vision for all developers by providing solutions and experiences that work on any application and OS. Microsoft will contribute an Azure IoT Hub Connector to Kura, a Java/OSGI-based framework for IoT gateways, so you can easily connect gateways running Kura to Azure IoT.

If you’re attending EclipseCon, stop by our booth for our session on “The Internet of Unexpected Things.” Senior Program Manager Olivier Bloch will demo IoT’s potential as Azure IoT services work with open source SDKs and tools to easily connect devices regardless of their form factor or platform.

Check out Shanku’s blog to read more about how we are bringing more tools to the IoT community and continuously improving our cloud services, SDKs and tools. For more about what IoT can do for you or your organization, visit

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