How enterprises can enable IoT security

As interest in Internet of Things (IoT) technology continues to increase across global enterprises, and as more businesses connect the devices and assets they already own to unlock new business value, the scale of connected ‘things’ will reach new heights. According to Gartner, 6.4 billion connected things will be in use this year and more than 20 billion by 2020.

The tremendous growth of connected devices and assets has increased concerns about security challenges in IoT. Unlike traditional IT security, where the focus is on securing software, IoT requires security for both software and hardware, often referred to as cyberphysical security.

Protecting IoT solutions requires ensuring secure provisioning of devices, secure connectivity between these devices and the cloud, and secure data protection in the cloud during processing and storage. Some of the challenges in these three areas are:

  • Devices – The scale and geographic distribution of IoT devices makes provisioning and maintaining them a challenge. Devices might also be unsupervised and deployed in hostile environments where they’re subject to tampering and uncertain operation. Azure IoT Suite is designed for scaled provisioning and policy-based control over IoT devices.
  • Connectivity – Connecting a large number of IoT devices over the Internet poses threats to integrity and confidentiality of data. Azure IoT Suite supports industry-proven encryption standards to secure connections between devices and the cloud.
  • Cloud – Securing data when it reaches the cloud is as important as securing the device and the connection. Azure IoT Suite is engineered from the ground up to secure data in the cloud. What’s more, security is built into the Microsoft Azure cloud, which is protected at the physical, network, host, application, and data layers so that our online services are resilient to attack.

Securing an IoT infrastructure requires a rigorous, in-depth security strategy. Starting from securely provisioning devices to protecting data integrity while in transit over the public Internet to securing data in the cloud, each layer builds greater security assurance in the overall infrastructure. Azure IoT Suite leverages the power of the Azure cloud, which is trusted by billions of users across the world, and was purpose-built for security, privacy, transparency and compliance.

In addition to the built-in device, connectivity and cloud security in the Azure IoT Suite, Microsoft’s Azure Certified IoT Partners program helps device manufacturers, solution developers, deployment specialists, and IoT operators to develop best practices and to encourage security throughout the whole ecosystem.

To learn more about how Azure IoT Suite protects Internet of your Things, read our whitepaper, Securing Your Internet of Things from the Ground Up. For more information about what IoT can do for you, visit

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