A look at CAN Telematics’ far-flung approach to IoT

For manufacturing, transportation, resource and exploration companies around the globe, equipment in the field are required assets for doing business, and represent a sizable investment. Equipment in the field can also create logistical challenges, as managing and tracking mobile equipment, especially in remote locations, has traditionally involved gaps in communication and a lot of guesswork. But today, that’s changing, thanks to the rapidly maturing field of telematics.

Telematics is the use of GPS, connectivity and embedded software to bring information back from the equipment itself. In its early days, this amounted mainly to location rendered as dots on a map, but today, thanks to the Internet of Things, information obtained from equipment in the field is becoming a rich source of business intelligence and insight.

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One of the leaders in this field is CAN Telematics, a Canadian firm founded in 2010, when telematics was still in its infancy. CAN Telematics has become a pioneer in its field by evolving its Trackopolis solution beyond basic location to deliver actionable information from equipment in just about any condition or location. It has remained a leader to its customers who rely on the company to continue to think beyond what is available in the market to solve traditionally intractable problems.

Today, CAN Telematics utilizes satellite connectivity capable of delivering near real-time intelligence to workers in the field as well as managers and engineers at remote headquarters. For instance, an oil and gas exploration company in Mozambique is using Trackopolis to monitor vehicles in the wilderness to help prevent accidents. A Canadian forestry giant is using their solution to improve safety standards and reduce fuel costs. And a global leader in gas detectors is connecting their sensors for field crewmembers in remote locations.

CAN Telematics technologies have been built from the start on .NET. Today the open approach offered by the Microsoft platform gives them the ability to connect and interface with just about any device or software application.

Since their solutions go well beyond simple connectivity to provide a customized experience that delivers analytics for industry intelligence, CAN Telematics must also be able to harness enormous stores of data. To facilitate this, they’ve turned to Microsoft Azure IoT technology, which gives them global reach, the ability to scale as needed without a huge investment in hardware, and the reliability to increase their customer service-level agreements beyond industry standard.

Using these technologies as the foundation, the company has been able to integrate the equipment and applications its customers need to create a true Internet of Things solution.

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