Diebold breaks the (business) rules with the Internet of Things and Data

What’s the first thing a consumer thinks of when they need an ATM? Convenience is king when it comes to access to your cash, so when self-service solutions provider Diebold reached 99 percent uptime rates for their highest level service agreements, they didn’t stop there. In a bid to get even closer to 100 percent uptime, Diebold leveraged the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the data it generates to develop the tools and processes required to monitor, predict, and address issues before they occur.

On the Diebold blog, James Meek, Diebold’s senior director for new technology incubation takes you behind the scenes in his post, “It’s time to break the (business) rules. ” Meek explains how Diebold has partnered with Microsoft to use cloud-based machine learning services and tools that help organizations transform their connected assets and the data they produce into business intelligence using the Cortana Analytics Suite.

Katherine Lin, who Meek describes as “wicked smart” in Bostonian parlance, is Microsoft’s data scientist driving the technical integration on this exciting rollout. Lin works with Diebold to apply machine-learning algorithms to data pulled from self-service ATM terminals in the network. Each terminal can gather up to 250 data points from a single module. One ATM can have between 10 and 15 modules operating at any time. Multiply that by the number of ATM terminals in a network and you get potentially thousands of data points that can be parsed. No human could find meaningful patterns in that much data – but a computer can.

Lin and Diebold are using the Cortana Analytics Suite to aggregate ATM data in a way that few other organizations can do. Diebold has a competitive advantage because its services add value to its core software, hardware, and security offerings. That broad range of services gives the company access to more data than other vendors, and thus a more complete picture of the company’s network.

Diebold’s expanded data view, coupled with Microsoft Azure cloud storage and compute capabilities, has positioned the company to offer services on a global scale. Diebold is now in the pilot stage of implementation with three major banks internationally, gaining an even deeper understanding of how to improve ATM uptime.

To learn more about Diebold’s efforts to ensure ATMs are always operational, see James Meek’s blog post. And for more information on what the IoT can do for you, visit www.InternetofYourThings.com.

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