Australian bike race uses the Internet of Things to show fans what it takes to be a cycling pro

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Ever wonder what it takes for professional cyclists to “power through” the toughest parts of a race? At the annual Satalyst Tour of Margaret River race in Australia, spectators and competitors can see that power in visual form and enjoy bike-race statistics on a much deeper level, thanks to the Satalyst Tracker, powered by the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Consisting of an Android phone that supports wireless technology to communicate with devices on the rider and on the bike, the Satalyst Tracker transports information captured in real time through the mobile network, back to Microsoft Azure via Azure IoT Hub, allowing racing fans to monitor each rider’s speed, location, heart rate, and energy output in watts.

Anyone around the world can track the riders on a web map, get a continuous impression of their effort, and compare the fatigue levels of amateurs to professional riders, while those onsite can easily see when they need to get to the next vantage point for photographs or race to the finish line to watch a rider finish. The tracker app also provides insights that helps race commentators talk knowledgably about how riders are doing physically and point out key moments in the race, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of what makes the pros stand out.

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