Azure IoT Suite predictive maintenance now available

We recently announced the availability to purchase our game-changing Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, which was built with preconfigured solutions that address businesses’ most common Internet of Things scenarios to help them move quickly from proof of concept and testing to real-world deployment. At Convergence EMEA, we have expanded our available preconfigured solutions with predictive maintenance, making one of the most commonly requested IoT solutions readily available to customers.

The promise of predictive maintenance

Whether you do business in manufacturing, retail, health or with smart cities, chances are your company uses valuable headcount and budget in reacting to issues in the field. Imagine this: A world in which you could not only predict equipment failures before they happen, but also systematically address them. That’s the promise of predictive maintenance. When you unlock the power of IoT to capture and analyze data, your business can identify warning signs of potential problems, predict when equipment needs maintenance, and preemptively service that equipment before problems occur.

Why IoT predictive maintenance is transformational

Traditionally, companies have maintained business assets through manual processes that are time- and resource- intensive. By leveraging streaming data from sensors and devices to quickly assess current conditions, recognize warning signs, deliver alerts and automatically trigger appropriate maintenance processes, IoT transforms maintenance into a dynamic, rapid, and automated cadence.

We’ve seen powerful results from predictive maintenance solutions. Rockwell Automation is transforming the oil and gas industry by extending its systems that monitor capital assets and using that data for predictive and even preventative maintenance. The solutions have the potential to transform the petroleum supply chain and produce bottom-line results in global productivity that could ultimately pay off at the pump.

Rockwell pump

Benefits of using Azure IoT Suite for predictive maintenance

With the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, enterprises can quickly and easily connect, monitor assets and analyze data in real time. The predictive maintenance preconfigured solution in the Azure IoT Suite takes that data and uses rich dashboards and visualizations to provide businesses with new intelligence that can improve efficiencies and enhance revenue streams.

What does predictive maintenance look like for businesses today?

Infographic (00000002)

Although every company will have unique requirements around predictive maintenance based on their business needs and equipment, Microsoft approaches new projects with best practices that help guide the most impactful outcomes. From ensuring predictions are actionable to identifying a company’s data sources, and connecting and normalizing data to modeling and testing, we help our customers increase efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately evolve their business every step of the way.

Growing the IoT Ecosystem: Additions to Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT

Since our recent launch of Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT, which tests and certifies IoT-enabled platform, device and operating system combinations to enable faster time to implementation, we’ve welcomed seven new industrial device partners, including Adlink Systems, Arduino, e-con Systems, Embedded Systems SIA, Nexcom International, Samsung and Toradex.

adlinkArduinoe-con systemsEmbedded SystemsNEXCOMSamsungToradex

This November, we also introduced our Azure IoT Practice Building Portal, which all Microsoft partners can log in to with their Microsoft Partner Network credentials. The Azure IoT Practice Building Portal is a resource to provide guidance for partners to build successful IoT practices, and includes Microsoft engineering and technical resources, funding information, training and more.

We expect the Azure IoT ecosystem of partners to continue to grow rapidly, including the recent additions of location-based services company Esri and electric vehicle charging firm ABB just this past month. Starting with interoperable solutions from leading technology companies around the world, we will continue to deliver on our promise to accelerate the deployment of IoT even further.

What’s Next for Enterprise IoT

For businesses contemplating an IoT initiative, now is the time to start your evolution. Working with Microsoft and our growing ecosystem of IoT partners allows your company to improve business processes and create new models to stay ahead of the competition.

Customers can learn more about our approach at and partners can learn more at Welcome to the Internet of Your Things.

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