ABB powers up rapid growth in electric vehicle charging with Microsoft Azure

 |   Microsoft IoT

More than 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) are on the road worldwide, but there are currently just over 100,000 charging stations available to serve them. The EV charging market is poised to expand rapidly with the right investment in infrastructure and connectivity, and the cloud offers the scalability to enable that rapid expansion. Microsoft’s Business Matters blog tells how ABB is using Microsoft Azure cloud-based services to deploy a new EV fast-charging services platform that will ensure stability, global scalability and advanced management features for ABB customers and more advanced charging stations for EV drivers.

The platform will not only provide a reliable and scalable infrastructure for ABB’s charging stations; it will enable sophisticated analytics and data management capabilities, including machine learning and predictive analytics. This means it will be possible to drive future innovations by capturing insights from customers’ recharging and use behavior — adding hybrids and full-electric vehicles to the growing body of the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn more about ABB’s use of Microsoft Azure cloud-based services on the Business Matters blog.

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