Final considerations: flexibility of IoT solutions

In our blog series about choosing an IoT provider, we’ve already looked at things to consider when choosing a provider, and taken a deeper look at questions to ask about solutions’ scalability and speed to market. Today, we’ll consider flexibility of solutions – a key consideration for businesses that have legacy technologies in place (many do) and need to use a mix to get their solution off the ground.

Question #5. Are the provider’s IoT solutions open?

An open approach isn’t just about open source technologies. An open solution won’t limit your choice of technology or restrict your access to your own data. Providers that don’t offer open solutions can lock you in, preventing you from using the capabilities you need in your IoT scenario. A strong provider should work with your existing technology, without requiring you to rip and replace what you have.

Choose a provider that won’t limit your choice of tools and services, even if they come from third parties. They should support heterogeneous environments, so you can purchase the devices you need down the road – without making compromises. And make sure that you maintain full access to your data. Some providers limit the availability of your data, or sell tier-based access to it. Your devices create the data, and that data should belong to you.

Microsoft has an open approach to IoT – across things, software, services, analytics and cloud – that doesn’t limit your technology choices or data access. Our open platform works with both the technology you already have, and the technology you might want to buy later. And by integrating with your current environment, you can get started with a solution faster and with lower up-front costs.

Only Microsoft delivers across the board. We deliver a complete set of enterprise-grade tools and offerings designed to work together. We have strength and experience delivering these solutions across industries.

All of our solutions can scale up or down as your needs dictate. And with a global cloud presence — and more than 66 percent of the Fortune 500 using Microsoft Azure — we  can handle as many devices and connections as you need.

We support an open approach to IoT – working with the technology you already own and the services you want to use.  And we never limit your access to your data.

And at the end of the day, we enable you to get a solution up and running fast, so you can realize value quickly.

We understand that we won’t be the perfect candidate for every scenario. But we do hope that you can use these questions to find the right solution for your business, even if it’s not from Microsoft. Read more about Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, and our unique vision for the Internet of Things. You can also read the entire series, which discusses ways to find an IoT solution that is comprehensive, proven and scalable, with a short time to market.